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Local Speciality Cut Flowers

established in 2019

My name is Lauren Reed, and I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life. So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been around farming my whole life; whether that was picking up rocks out of the fields before planting time or picking sweet corn bright and early with my cousins.

My green thumb, however, comes from my great grandma. She loved her garden and was out weeding and maintaining it until the day she died! She passed away when I was young so I wasn’t able to learn from her but working in the garden has brought her memory back to life, encouraging stories from those who knew her and has allowed me to learn more about her, for which I am grateful!

I am so excited to embark on this journey of bringing farm fresh flowers to you—- what screams summer more than fresh flowers on the table?! I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Please contact me with your ideas and thoughts about how I can help serve you better.